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TTP deputy chief Sajna killed in drone strike on Pak-Afghan border

TTP deputy chief Sajna killed in drone strike on Pak-Afghan border

Khan Said Sajna- File photo

February 10, 2018

KABUL: The deputy chief of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) Khan Said Mehsud alias Sajna has reportedly been killed in drone strike on his vehicle on Afghanistan side of Pak-Afghan border on Thursday, Pakistani media reported.

Sajna was head of Mehsud faction of the Taliban whose vehicle was targeted by a drone missile in the Margha Area of Barmal in Afghanistan.

As per media reports which quoted Pakistani security officials as well as Taliban sources, said that Maulvi Khatir has been appointed as the new acting chief of Mehsud faction. The reports also said that Sajna, whose real name was Khan Syed, was killed along with his nephew Ismail and two guards.

He belonged to the Shobi Khel tribe and was aged forty six. He had two wives both of which belonged to the Mehsud tribe. Sajna was put on the United States Designated Terrorist list in October 2014.

Sajna was put on the United States Designated Terrorist list in October 2014.

Sajna is reported to have close connection with Haqqani network and supported the group against foreign forces in several attacks. He was the close associates of ex-TTP leaders Baitullah Mehsud and Wali Rehman, both belonged to Mehsud tribe from South Waziristan.

Late leader of TPP, Hakeemullah Mehsud preferred Sharyar Mehsud over Sajna while appointing the former as the head of South Waziristan chapter of Pakistani Taliban which led to conflicts between Sajna and Sharyar. The predecessor of Hakimullah, Maulvi Fazaullah also supported Sharyar which enraged Sajna to the extent that he refused to accept Fazlullah as the head of TTP. However, tensions between the two defused in 2016 when Fazalullah appointed Sajna as deputy head TTP as well as head of South Waziristan.

Sajna was said to be involved in the attack on PNS Mehran in Karachi, and a 2012 jailbreak in which the Taliban freed 400 inmates from a prison in Bannu.

However, the news of his death could not be confirmed independently.



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