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Saudi government re-imposes condition of biometric verification for Pakistani Umrah pilgrims

Saudi government re-imposes condition of biometric verification for Pakistani Umrah pilgrims
December 02, 2017

PESHAWAR, 2 December: The Saudi government has re-imposed the condition of biometric verification for the Pakistani citizens intending to perform Umrah.

According to a statement released from the Saudi embassy, the process of biometric verification for intending Umrah pilgrims will begin on 4 December. The statement said the pilgrims having age above 45 years and less than 10 years will be exempted from biometric verification. However, all other intending pilgrims will require verification through thumb impressions.

The Saudi government had earlier suspended the biometric verification process for one month due to difficulties faced by intending pilgrims. However, it has re-imposed this condition now.


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