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15 killed in ‘suicide blast’ in Jhal Masi Balochistan

15 killed in ‘suicide blast’ in Jhal Masi Balochistan
October 05, 2017

JHAL MAGSI, 5 October: Around 15 persons, including a police constable, were killed and over a dozen injured on Thursday in an explosion at Dargah Fatehpur in the Jhal Magsi district of Balochistan.

Gandawah Hospital Medical Superintendent Dr Rukhsana Magsi said that 15 dead bodies were brought to the hospital.

She said 24 injured were brought to District Headquarters Hospital Gandawah, 18 of them were shifted to Quetta and Larkana for medical treatment.

The said that a suicide bomber blew himself up  at the entrance to the dargah at a time when scores of people had gathered to pay their respects.

Thursdays are usually busy in terms of attendance at shrines as the day is considered spiritually significant.

District Police Officer Jhal Magsi Mohammad Iqbal has confirmed that it was a suicide blast, the bomber had tried to enter the shrine but a security guard stopped him, after which the attacker detonated the explosives.

Initial reports suggested that the explosion took place when the dhamaal — a devotional dance performed at shrines — was being performed after evening prayers.


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