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Terminal to be established at Ghulam Khan border within three months

Terminal to be established at Ghulam Khan border within three months
August 20, 2017

MIRANSHAH, 20 August: The political administration of North Waziristan has announced to construct a terminal in Ghulam Khan area within three months to promote Pak-Afghan trade.

For this purpose, the political administration has purchased 150 kanals land from Gurbaz tribe. Political Agent Kamran Afridi said final negotiations with the elders of Gurbaz tribe in this regard were held on Saturday. He said the terminal on the pattern of Torkham terminal will be constructed with the help of National Logistics Cell (NLC). He said the construction of the terminal will cost Rs300 million.

The traders community has welcomed the announcement and said the terminal will prove a milestone in promoting trade between Pakistan and Afghanistan and beyond.

“This terminal will not only promote Pak-Afghan trade, but we will also be able to transport our goods to Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. The government deserves appreciation for this step,” a local trader told TNN.

The Pak-Afghan Ghulam Khan border in North Waziristan Agency was closed during military operation Zarb-e-Azb in the tribal region.


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