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Ruminants Provided By FAO To Bara-based Tribesmen Die Mysteriously

Ruminants Provided By FAO To Bara-based Tribesmen Die Mysteriously
November 07, 2016

By Said Nazir

BARA, 05 November: Among the ewes and rams given by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) to the tribesmen of Bara subdivision of Khyber agency, many have died, local people said.

The tribesmen said that the breed distributed by the organization among them was alien to their environment and that might be a reason that they could not survive.

“The ruminants given to us by the FAO died mysteriously,” said a local Raees, who was given two ewes and as many rams. He was not sure whether they were unhealthy or they contracted some illness later on.

Muhammad Jameel, another tribesman said the FAO authorities did not educate them how they should take care of the breed.

“This breed was totally alien for our environment. The disease they had contracted also communicated to other mammals in our household,” Jameel told TNN.

When contacted, project officer of the FAO Gul Muhammad said the mammals were quite healthy when they were distributed among the tribesmen. He said the locals did not take proper care of the animals due to which about 15 to 20 percent of them had died.

“The ruminants were trekked to homes all the way through mountainous routes and were later bathed, due to which they died,” he explained.


It merits recalling here that the UN body had started a project to support the most vulnerable families of Bara subdivision. Under the project 250 needy families were selected through a survey and each family was given a set of four ruminants including one ram and three ewes in May last.


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