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North Waziristan elders seek removal of political agent

North Waziristan elders seek removal of political agent

North Waziristan elders protesting against political agent at Bannu Press Club. – Photo by Gohar Wazir

July 15, 2017

BANNU, 15 July: The tribal elders of North Waziristan Agency have demanded the government to remove Political Agent Kamran Afridi.

The elders while addressing a press conference at Bannu Press Club on Friday alleged that the political agent is ignoring the core issues of Waziristan for the last many years. They said the political agent was pushing the issues under the carpet and not paying heed to resolving them. They alleged that the political agent was creating impediments in establishment of industrial zone in Waziristan and favouring his blue eyed persons for personal gains. They said Mr Afridi was creating misunderstandings between Wazir and Dawar tribes on the issue of establishment of the industrial zone. They also alleged that the political agent has mismanaged annual development funds and he was also accepting commissions.

“Peace in the region was achieved after countless sacrifices of security institutions and local people, but now the political agent is damaging all these achievements. Inquiry should be conducted against the political agent on spending of the development funds. We ae all Wazirisanis and we all are brothers. We will not allow anyone to create tension here,” a tribal elder said.

Liaquat Wazir, vice president of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz North Waziristan chapter, said the tribesmen will launch protest movement if the political agent was not removed immediately. He said they will even extend their protests to Islamabad if their demand was not accepted.


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