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First ever Afghan woman pilot seek asylum in the United States

First ever Afghan woman pilot seek asylum in the United States
December 26, 2016

PESHAWAR, 26 December: The first ever Afghan woman pilot Neelofar Rehman soon after the completion of her training has applied for asylum in the United States of America(USA).

Neelofar Rehmani after completing her training in USA in 2016 was scheduled to leave for Afghanistan, but she refused to go back to her country due to security threats.

In her application to the government of USA, Neelofar Rehmani has stated that she and her family received threats not only from Taliban but also from some of her relatives.

She said that her family has frequently changed its location in Afghanistan after receiving threats and ,therefore, has sought refuge in the US.

The defense ministry of Afghanistan also confirmed the application of Neelofar Rehmani that she has filed for asylum in the US but hoped that the US would not accept her request.

The defense ministry spokesman Muhammad Raad Manesh said that what the general public would do if a security officer of a country does not feel safe.

A large number of women work in different fields in the war affected Afghanistan.

Neelofar Rehmani was awarded as brave woman by the  Department of State in 2015.


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