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EPI’s one-year diploma holder employees protest against new induction

EPI’s one-year diploma holder employees protest against new induction
January 09, 2017

PESHAWAR, 09 January: The one-year diploma holder employees of the Extended Program of Immunization (EPI) on Monday staged a protest demonstration against the government’s move of hiring new workers for the program.

The protesters gathered outside the Peshawar press club here and expressed resentment over the publication of an advertisement in the newspapers seeking applications for new inductions.

They said that the government had ignored the one-year diploma holder and had given priority to two-year diploma holder applicants.

Terming it an injustice to them, the protesters said they had been serving in the EPI for the last many years in difficult situation and the government should recognize their services.

They threatened to continue their protest if the government did not accept their demands.

“We will not administer anti-polio vaccines to our children in protest. Aso, we will boycott every other project initiated under the EPI flag,” remarked Naseer, the president of the protesting employees.


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