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Aka Khel tribesmen demand recovery of land occupied by Orakzai people

Aka Khel tribesmen demand recovery of land occupied by Orakzai people
January 05, 2017

PESHAWAR, 05 January: Elders of the Aka Khel tribe of the Khyber Agency have demanded of the Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and other government officials to recover their land what they said illegally occupied by the Orakzai agency tribesmen.

Addressing a news conference in Peshawar press club the tribal elders threatened to raise a tribal lashkar against the Orakzai-based Aka Khel tribesmen and hold a protest demonstration outside the Governors House in their demands were not accepted.

“In 2009 when the people of our tribe (Aka Khel) were forced to leave their homes due to the Khyber-One military operation, people of the Aka Khel tribe of the Orakzai agency illegally occupied our 12-kanal land on the border of the two agencies. The Orakzai tribesmen have also started construction on our land,” said Haji Abdul Qayum Afridi, elder of the Khyber-based Aka Khel tribe.

Flanked by Ajab Khan and other tribal elders he said they had repeated approached the political administrations of both Khyber and Orakzai agencies for the recovery of the land but to no avail.

“We demand from the federal government, KP Governor, political agents of both the agencies and officials of the security forces to stop the Orakzai tribesmen from making construction on our land and hand over the occupation of land to us,” he said.

“Since our area is not completely cleared till date, that is why our tribesmen have not returned to their homes. The people of the Orakzai agency have already returned to their homes and they have started occupying our lands and cutting our forests. The government should constitute a tribal jirga to resolve the matter,” said Ajab Khan.

He threatened that if the matter was not resolved till Jan 10, they would convene a grand jirga of the tribe and would hold protest sit-in in Peshawar for an indefinite period. “We will also raise a lashkar (tribal force) against the Orakzai tribesmen and in case of any untoward situation, the responsibility will rest with the government and the political administrations of the two agencies,” he remarked.


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